"Parents--do not try this path alone! "Prep In Time" understands what the colleges are looking for and are absolute professionals. They equipped my daughter with all the skills, guidance, and tools that she needs to succeed on this challenging road. Plus, they freed me up to focus on my relationship with my daughter!"

Susie Rinehart

(parent​ of student)

"Shari epitomizes professionalism. She is the most well rounded choreographer/ director I know. She takes the time to know her performers and students, always  making them feel special and unique. She identifies their strengths and weaknesses in order to showcase their best talents, bettering the performance and the experience as a whole. As a professional she is not only serious and organized with her work but she knows exactly how to balance that more formal side with a fun work ethic. She has loads of energy and has an amazing sense of humor. 


Not only does she have an amazing personality but more importantly a  warm heart. She is creative with her choreography and has the best taste in music. She has been such an influential figure in my life. I would never have reached the level of appreciation I have for the arts today if It Weren't for her. I have always been able to trust both her judgement and vision. She takes so much pride in her work that she always invests every ounce of energy into what she's Doing. She has a great eye and knows exactly how to create a memorable performance. Shari is the best at what she does. I will be forever thankful to her for choreographing both of my audition pieces for Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of the Performing Arts and Indiana University Dance Program."

Zoe Owens
Indiana University - Dance Major

Zoe Owens - Testimonial Shot.jpg

Julie has been such a valuable teacher and soundboard for me.  During my final two years in high school, she pushed me beyond my comfort zone in all genres of music to help me figure out that I did in fact want to pursue music as a career. I decided fairly late that I wanted to pursue a music degree so with only a few months before college auditions started, Julie jumped in and devoted so much time to helping me find my path. She introduced me to opera - which is now my dream that I am pursuing through a vocal performance degree.  Julie went so above and beyond a normal teacher - we spent hours selecting and making sure that I mastered challenging songs for auditions, studying college and university programs to select programs that I should consider and then taping and re-taping and taping again songs and monologues for prescreens and video auditions.   Julie has helped me with so much in my life: from gaining confidence as a performer, to understanding the role of an entertainer, to finding the right college, to stretching and developing a well-rounded voice that is better than I ever thought it could be.  I truly believe that without Julie, I would not have gotten to where I am today! 

MacKenzie Paige

Belmont University - Vocal Performance

MacKenzie Headshot.jpg

"It is because of Julie Scott that I ended up getting into the Musical Theatre program at Oklahoma City University. Not only did Julie help pick out material that made sense for me, but she was instrumental in helping me find my confidence going into college auditions. While applying for 13 different musical theatre programs, Julie was always a guiding light, knowing precisely what needed attention and knowing exactly the support that was required in the moment. Julie's personal touch is what makes her the most empathetic teacher, mentor and cheerleader a person who is going through this taxing process could ask for. I feel extremely fortunate to have had her in my corner during that experience."

Nicole Baker 

Oklahoma City University - Musical Theatre

Nicole Baker Testimonial Shot.jpg

When I started working with Julie I only had six months of experience in voice, very little confidence, and very lofty dreams of going to college to study vocal performance. Despite only having two and a half months to find and prepare pieces before my auditions, Julie not only gave me the technical skills needed to audition, but also the practical knowledge and confidence needed for the otherwise intimidating process. I am pleased to share that with Julie’s help, I was accepted to every school I auditioned at including the University of Kansas, Oklahoma State University, and the University of Oklahoma. My parents and I fully believe that without Julie, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Maggie Zellmer
Oral Roberts University - Vocal Performance


I cannot recommend Julie Scott strongly enough based upon the guidance, teaching, and assistance Julie provided my daughter, MacKenzie, me (the fairly clueless mother), and our family through the college vocal performance and theater audition process.  Julie had been MacKenzie’s voice teacher for seven years when MacKenzie decided during the summer leading up to her senior year in high school that she wanted to pursue a degree in music performance.  Julie was invaluable in helping MacKenzie evaluate college programs to assess whether they would be a good fit for MacKenzie, knowing her strengths and weaknesses as a performer, her learning style, and even her social habits.  She spent unbelievable hours helping MacKenzie select audition songs, prepare for and master those songs, and ultimately tape (and re-tape again and again) audition videos.  Through it all, Julie provided MacKenzie with positive feedback, constructive criticism, loving support, and a kick in the pants exactly when MacKenzie needed it most to keep moving and push through the difficult, sobering, and long process.  As a parent, trying to figure out the best way to support your child in a completely foreign endeavor, having Julie by my side meant I had a most trusted advisor, a cheerleader, and a support system for our entire family.  Julie has the experience of a professional performer, the knowledge of an expert teacher in her field, and the heart of a mother.  MacKenzie would not be pursuing her vocal performance degree today without Julie’s expertise and guidance, and our family's gratitude and recommendation of Julie could not be stronger or more deeply felt.  

Brigette Paige

(parent of student)