College Matching - $1,000

              This includes: 

                     *3, 1-hour long college matching sessions with parent and student

                     *school selection and application strategy

                    *shared documents with deadlines, reminders, and audition requirements listed

                    *unlimited emails and texts




            Singing: $1,000 (10 l- 1 hour lessons)

                *choose the right vocal material for you

                 *prepare all required song selections

                 *learn how to hook your audience in the first four bars

                 *work with classical vocal techniques

            Dancing: $1,000 (10 - 1 hour lessons)

                *learn and practice all required dance combinations (specific to each college)

                 *learn and practice original solo choreography

                        - tailored to you and your specific dance strengths

                 *learn and practice a "ballet barre" (if required)


             Acting: $1,000 (10 - 1 hour lessons)

                   *learn and practice all required monologues

                   *chose materials that suit your personality and strengths

                   *work on technique and different approaches/acting methods

                   *learn different memorization methods, work on scene/character development


Triple Threat Bonus:

        Acting, Singing, and Dancing - 

                 *** If you choose Triple Threat, you will have the opportunity to do a free bonus class to workshop all

                        your pieces with all three coaches present***

A la Carte:

        Extensions or brush-ups (existing or new students): $100/hour or $275/3 hours

        Audition Video Recording - $100/hour or $275/3 hours

Customized Musical Theatre Audition Package